Treating Bulbuls at breakfast


Those who live in the suburbs of Colombo can still enjoy what’s remaining of its flora and fauna. But not for long, these areas are soon turning out to be extentions of the vast metropolitan city of Colombo. While buses travel down my lane with no route numbers, many homes are turned into shops and showrooms in the Nawala, Kohuwela and Kotte areas. If you are a keen jogger you may have to leave as early as day break and be back before the roads get jammed with traffic. And what about the commons birds we used see in our gardens, I’m sure they are dwinddling in  numbers.

Red-vented Bulbul

Red-vented Bulbul

Thankfully my area has still a few plots of empty land with large trees, a few coconut trees and a fewer of  those shady Beli trees. Because of this I’m blessed with the chit-chat and chirpping of some common birds, such as King Fisher, Tailor bird (Battichcha),  Magpie (Polkichcha) and Doves (Paraviya).   I am able to attract a small community of birds every morning because we feed them on our left over Papaya. Papaya is good for digestion and hence is the popular choice of starter (a pre-breakfast treat) in our home. It sets all ‘motions’ in order and leaves us in comfort for the rest of the day! I leave the the skins out on the balcony for our aviary friends.

The Red-vented Bulbuls (Konda Korulla) is the most expectant guest. The Red-vented Bulbul can easily be spotted by its short crest giving a mop of hair on top of the head (konde). The body is dark brown with a scaly pattern while the head is black. The rump is white while the vent is red. I may have a wayward Mynah or a Pigeon but sure as rain I would have a pair of Bulbul out there for breakfast.









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