So what is Digi Scrapping?


Recently I had an embarrassing moment trying to explain what Digi Scrapping was to a non- techie pal. If you are Internet savvy then chances are that you have already come across this hobby. Digi Scrapping is all the joy of  scrap-booking and journal writing but without a pen, the  scissors or glue. It’s done using a computer. Just as we would shop and buy paper, ribbons, flowers, borders, glitter and all that jazz,  scrappers go online to Digi Scrap stores to purchase their digital equivalents. Most designers have freebies for novices in their stores. They are good enough for a start. You may purchase kits as you get more confident.

A hobby a day keep the doldrums away

And so who designs these? I’ve never fail to be impressed by the talents of the designers. Meet some Digi Scrappers that I follow  Shabby Princess, Katie Hadfield and Scrap Orchard.

At the time I discovered Digi Scrapping I was moving from been a web developer to an all-rounder:  developer cum designer. I needed to hone my design skills and saw this as a wonderful opportunity. Most Digi Scrappers are stay-at-home moms who are extremely creative, soft and loving. And this enticed me further into the world of  Digi Scrapping.  It’s so easy I think even kids will do it.

The skills required are: Basics of Adobe Photoshop, be able to take good photos (a simple digital camera is sufficient) and above all the enthusiasm in the subject.

If you plan to scrap about a family trip, birthday party or a picnic to the beach you must plan ahead. Make sure you grab the wonderful moments. Be bold and walk around and take as many shots as you like. Think of the subjects and spend sometime capturing their details. Think of what you may journal. You get better as you go along, so don’t stress yourself on what you cover. Once you are back transfer the pix to your computer and label the folder indicating your plans: with a tentative title, the month and year, theme.

Okay so to get you started, here’s what we are going to use:

  1. A free template from
    Download here
  2. Embellishments from Kate Hadfield Design
    Download here
  3. Some cool paper from Shabby Princess
    Download here
  4. A photo

You need to have Internet access and Adobe Photoshop software on your computer. Download all files to one folder and include your photo as well. The rest is easy as ABC…

  1. Open the PSD template in Photoshop. A template sets guidelines, you don’t have to stick with any of it.
  2. Open Layers by selecting Windows->Layers. Go to the bottom most layer calledBackground while it’s selected, open Blended Cream paper from Shabby Pricess’s Plentiful collection and using the pointer tool  drag this paper into the template page.
  3. Save your PSD (no sooner you start)
  1. Select the Photo layer. Open your photo and drag it on to the template. To frame the photo lets use frame shape from Kate’s kit. Hide the photo, photo frame and bracket layers.
  2. We will use other embellishments from Kate’s kit to decorate the photo. Select Label layer (a blue rectangle) and drag the branch from Kate’s kit on to a layer over it. Hide the label layer. Select the branch and use Edit -> Free Transform (short cut: Ctrl+T) to adjust the size and rotate the shape. Move the shape using the arrow keys.
  3. Similarly identify the star shapes and bring the flower and leaf shapes fromKate’s kit to replace those.
  4. Locate the Title layer, use the Text tool to give a suitable title. Change the font, font color and size (I used Rockwell, 24pt).
  5. To end the artwork we will replace the shapes on the left side of the photo with (round) buttons. To make a copy of the button, select the layer and drag onto the Create New tool. Make five copies and merge all into one layer. (select all six layers, right click and select Merge Layers option)
  6. Save as a PSD file. You can resize the artwork and save as a JPG file to obtain a lighter version.

Digi scrapping sample

For tutorials and inspiration visit:

We used the Move and Text tools from the Photoshop toolbox. See what other tools exist and read How to Use Adobe Photoshop Tools for more details.

Adobe Photoshop toolbox



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