A Beautiful Mind


Don’t we all get irritated when things don’t go the way we wanted?

Our partner, friends and children… anyone of them could upset the world we’ve spun around us. As women and mothers aren’t we a bit controlling? Or else how do you plan all the activities and be responsible for their positive outcomes? I was disappointed and a tad too irritated this weekend.

But to freshen up to a new week lets look where we can find some peace…
I turn on to someone who never disappoints and someone who’s been changing to our geeky demands… dear friend Google… and ask for beautiful Japanese garden. Image searches are wonderful entertainment (and so are video searches) and here’s what’s going to inspire me for this entry and the rest of the week.


Garden Staicase, Kyoto, Japan (Photo Credit: pixdaus.com)

Another dear friend is helping me out of the irritation, helping me be a Beautiful Mind. She says:
” See the glass as already broken.The cause of our stress, anger and irritation is that things don’t go the way we like, the way we expect them to. Think of how many times this has been true for you.”

And so the solution is simple: expect things to go wrong, expect things to be different than we hoped or planned, expect the unexpected to happen. And accept it.

So she continues (already she has quitened my nerves, she shows that she understands how I feel. I’m relieved it’s real!) when the nice glass you bought inevitably falls and breaks, you might get upset. But not if you see the glass as already broken, from the day you get it. You know it’ll break someday, so from the beginning, see it as already broken. It’s inevitable. And when it breaks, you won’t be upset or sad — because it was already broken, from the day you got it. And you’ll realize that every moment you had with it is precious.

I’m gladened by this new line of thoughts. I step up the flower strewn stairs a bit closer to the shrine… I think. What bliss it would be to be there, in all it’s solitude and glorious beauty. Will my thoughts stay still and could I be happy for that moment or will I be enveloped in a huge sense of sadness as ‘Big moments’ like this always does… I think I must miss my kids and the chance to be connected, to share a thought in the precence of beauty. i.e. be able to say OMG in union!!

Back to the lessen learnt and another step up the peacful path. The point here is we cannot expect others to do as we expect them to, always. We need to expect less and rely more and more on ourselves. We can’t change these inevitable facts — they will happen, eventually. And if we are already prepared for the dissapointment then you won’t get so upset or overreact. You’ll respond appropriately. You could let the person know about how their behavior makes you feeling. An because you won’t get overly emotional and blow things out of proportion – you still have the rest of the day to enjoy.

Push the the irritating fact and take another step up the beautiful staircase, imagine you’ve just transcend the impossible situation – you didn’t show a reaction. Instead you walked-out of the situation and avoided a whole heap of unwanted stress. Surround yourself with breeze and trnquility and be at peace.

Here’s the last tip: think of three people who will cheer you, three things they like and three things you can share with them. (thinking of others will take off your self-centered thoughts) There you’ve got many, many choices and all of them look quite definitely positive than wanting to ‘fix the broken glass’!!


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