I had a Pic-nik with photos!


Road to Horton Plains Softened by Picnik

When you take pictures you wonder if you managed to capture it all… on my return from a recent trip to Horton Plains, I thought not. From the peak of Thotupola we could see the rolling plains, the road in the middle dotted with vehicles, beautiful mountains fading into the sky… we could see the path leading to the Worl’d End. Yet none of this could be captured in detail and to know it then was sad.

In this exercise I still manage to bring out the hazy beauty of the landscapes, a lost in the woods feeling using some of the fun filters and effects provided by Picnik!

Path leading to World’s End (in Sepia tones)

Here the Sepia tones is to give a tinge of ageing to this picture… to give that feeling of walking down the path – 25 years back when a bunch of teenages were scouting the very same spot.

Die-back tree posterized!

In a setting of perfect Cloud Forest there are patches of trees that have begun to look stark. The reasons are unknown, it could be change in climate, lack of water… or invading speices. These trees look like giant bonsai, gnarled and twisted like an old, old man… and some color changes and poterize filter makes it look a picture out of a fantasy film.

Gorse, a yellow wild shrub with pricky thorns smoothened by Picnik

Photographying this was tough. The yellow flowers were every where yet, hidden by the unruly gorwth of grass. When we stopped to allow an on-coming vehilce pass, I saw this patch on to my left. I quickly managed to capture before hopping on to the jeep. I’ve used contrast first and smothered a bit later.

Ambewala diary cows- spot on focus

On out way to Horton Plains past, Pattipola was this stretch of rolling hills, with grass like you would expect in the ‘greener pastures’, amazing stretch of beautiful landscape. Aghast that the vehicle was whisking though all these, I tried my best to capture the scenery. it was all too difficult. To make matters worse it started to rain and I couldn’t any more risk poking the lense out of the window. This was the only picture I got right and also the only time we saw that many cows.Moo… Moo… and I’ve used a special focus from Picnik.

Posies in Black & White pencil drawing

These posies were pink and found in abundance at TF. I’ve turned it into Black & White and below Picnik let me just color the centre leaving the sides fading to Black & White. I’ve enjoyed myself doing all this.

And with the centre bunch in color


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