Madam Taffyana

Taffy my faithful Daushund

Taffy my faithful Dachshund

She came as my son, Ruvi’s birthday present in May 2005. Now six years, Taffy is a Dachshund, a dame with the sweetest qualities. When I got her she was just under six months the last of a litter of seven. As a pup she was really tiny and we took great trouble in bringing her up. In fact we may have down right spoilt her in trying to give her all the comfort – an actual training came much later.

Well a dog will be what she is taught to be – not just good manners, she is the mirror of what we think she is. If you treat a dog nice and show her she’s precious (not in the least because they are pure-bred) she will be sweet tempered and a good friend to have. If you tie up your dog, use a cane (for training purpose I hope?!) and speak in harsh tones, your dog will naturally adopt what you expect of her… and I think that is such pathetic treatment.

When I got Taffy as a pup my sons were just growing up and I wanted them to have a pet, so that they will learn how to love and look after it. Because of this TAF (for short) is very much a part of the family… it’s lovely to see how she accepts this position. That’s why I would say she’s faithful and loyal. And demanding of our time… if we are too busy to give her the attention.

Two years ago Taffy had a litter of her own, six pups in all born on a full moon day in June. She turned into a thoughtful, responsible mummy in those early weeks. Under my watchful eye she took care of all her babies and we weened them off her around 3 months, and a month or two later had them all vaccinated and gave them one by one to friends and kind homes. I don’t know how she felt, but she watched them go with a whimper. And when the last of the little pups, nicked-named Toffee was gone, she was sad for sometime. But not for long she was back again her usual playful, spirited self.

In German Dachshund  means “badger dog” (Dachs – Badger & Hund – Dog), and was applied to the breed in the early 17 th century. As time passed, Dachshunds were used less for hunting purposes and more as family pets. The Dachshund was introduced to America in the 19th century, and the standard smooth haired variety continues to be one of the more popular beloved dog breeds today.

I learn that Dachshunds come two sizes: standard (height 8-9′ at the shoulders, weight 15-25 lbs) and miniature (height 5-8′ at the shoulder and around 9 lbs) They were first bred in two types: dogs with long hair and short hair. The wire haired one is the variation of the short haired breed. Taffy’s thick coat of short hair makes it easy to care for her, a bath a week and a good scrub is enough. She  tickle herself in the grass and wet soil, this makes her quite dirty, but I feel she like it that way… to be a bit smelly… like a dog!

Been a hound she sniffs the moment she hits the payment and she takes a long while to do that chore while on her walks. She gets to take a walk twice a day. She actually looks forward to them waits playfully till it’s time to go. Though Dachshunds have a history for been hunting dogs, sometimes it can be actually disappointing. Recently we had the most unwanted intruder in the house – a rat. We included Taffy in the process of chasing the fellow it out – and soon found out how timid she was. The rat was running quite literally up to her nose and she was more scared than the rodent, I think! In one hurried moment both the dog and the rat were in one pile as the dog skidded off the tiles and hit the wall. I was shocked to see the rat bouncing off her body – and had to scream! Yes, spotting a rat in the house is a horrible, horrible thing. Because Taffy is afraid of rats, I fear she may be bitten by one of them.

While Taffy may bark ferociously at strangers, she also barks at people known to her as means of ‘talking’, so much so that I feel she has sounds and perky ways for different people. She loves kids, she greets them with the ‘welcome’ bark which actually scares those who are not accustomed to dogs. She will then potter around the kids, urging them mischievously and calling them out to play. In this aspect Taffy is a kid at heart… ready to play ball, hide-and-seek or well chase the birds and cats. Because of their size Dachshunds make fine pets for city dwellers and the likes of me who have very limited space and hardly a any garden.

One website notes Dachshunds are extremely sociable dogs and love people, especially their owners. That being said, this breed has been known to be a little standoffish towards strangers, and is not recommended for families that have young children, as they won’t hesitate to snap at a teasing child, or a toddler who doesn’t understand how to play with the dog. This is what I had heard initially but Taffy’s temperament changed my mind. I think it’s how we relate to the dog and the training that reflects in the dog’s character. She’s anything but lively and affectionate and very tolerant of teasing.

And how did she get her name? I was reading a short story off Ridyard Kiplings collection of shot stories and the name was based on that of Princess Tathiana. From Taffiana to Taffy, Tafson, Taf… and she’s grown into being my best friend.

Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched and pulled to such a length that the child cannot do much harm one way or the other.  ~Robert Benchley

Ten reasons why I love Taff

Ten reasons why I love Taffy



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