Happiness is a warm puppy


Happiness is a warm puppy.  ~Charles M. Schulz

Kelly feeding her puppies, 10 Nov 2011

Yesterday we spend most of the day petting Kelly’s brood of puppies. Kelly is a seven year old Boxer who recently had a litter of eight. Though one pup died the rest have now grown into a bundle of mischief. 5 wks old their pups are in the half-way mark of been weened off the mother. So even though they still feed off Kelly they also enjoy 5 meals a day – of milk and bread, rice and fish and more milk! I watched them take in their daily vitamins (from a dropper) – theyjust simply loved the yellowy syrup!

Boxers are friendly outgoing people dogs. They can become so happy that their whole pelvis moves when they wag their tails. Because they don’t have a tail (but a stump instead) they form a U shape to greet!

Kelly feeding her (7) pups, 10 Nov 2011

Kelly’s feeding session is a frenzied fight to get to mummy where it milks the most and once hooked on they forget that their siblings may also want some milk as well – they can easily fall asleep while suckling and a hungry fella will come and knock it off to get some milk for himself. It was just wonderful spending time with the ‘kids‘. Though a lot remained un-done at home, it was such a pleasure watching them… See below, Ruvi my son playing with two pups – romping a way biting and nagging on anything they can lay their teeth on -as sharp as a bread knife! If you are carrying them the pup with smother you with love but munch on your collar or shirt buttons. If they find your slippers they will chew them before they get at your feet. Finally we had to take them out to the garden to play.

Puppies fed on rice and fish

According to Matthew Cowley, in his article, “Canine Clowns,” a boxer is all that is good in a dog. He is “a laugh a minute, lives life to the fullest, a maximum velocity version of canine slapstick. But he is also a sympathetic soul, a shoulder to cry on, a confidante.” He got his name from his habit of beginning a fight by standing on his hind legs and boxing with his front paws. One theory on where of their origins is that the boxer was developed in Germany as a cross between the mastiff-type bullenbeisser and English bulldog.

The boxer is a medium sized, square built dog with a noble appearance. He combines strength and agility with elegance and style. The breed has a short back, strong limbs and a short square muzzle with a protruding lower jaw and facial wrinkles. The hair coat is short, shiny and lies smooth and tight to the body. It can be brindle, fawn or brown, with or without white markings.

The boxer is a friendly breed, devoted to her family. Their temperament is fundamentally playful, yet patient and stoical with children. Kelly loves to play and is very tolerant of  those who tease her. Even with with all the duties in her new role of motherhood, Kelly still remains a playful dog.

   The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.  ~Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912

Ruvi is screaming, Hapanawa, hapanawa

Interesting dog quotes at: www.quotegarden.com


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