Mount Lavinia beach on a lazy Sunday, morning


Boys ready to play, Mount lavinia beach

People in Mount Lavinia are the luckiest in this part of the country, there is something about those curved beaches that draws the ordinary. On a Sunday morning I suspect all those who’ve not gone to church end up on this beach. If you really like a quiet time you must go early… as 6 am.

We made it to the beach pretty early a couple of weeks ago,  our access from College Avenue. Once you’ve cleared the very end of it (with your noses closed to avoid ‘been sick’ from the rotten garbage dumpedon either side) and crossed the railway lines, you enter paradise. The mist on the horizon was just clearing off, the sea, just a pale blue, calm and flat. Far away you could spot fishing yatchs… to far to be photographed without telefocal lenses.

One reason for my facination with the Mount Lavinia beach is because of the admiration I built up in my younger age… listening to my Grans speakin of her own experiences there… and through the water colour paintings she had. The Governors house, the fisherman, the yatchs and the waves hitting the curved edge of her bay in spendid details of froth and bubles … is vivid in the pages of my childhood memories.

I’m glad the beach itself is kept very clean, even after riotous parties that last till the wee hours of the mornings the municipality workers clean up. Every once in a while you find volunteers clearing the beach, learning by their actions to love, nurture and enjoy what nature gives us, so abundantly.

What I do the first thing I hit the beach, before I get allured by her beauty is to jog…. jog on the flat stretch with the waves gently lapping at my feet and walk fast along the more difficult stretches. You would find about a dozen or two doing the same, even as early as 6 am. Those farmilar faces would nod and smile as you pass them to and fro… I like to lose count of the number of times I repeat… consoled by the fact that I’m burning more and more calories… the guilt of a week long indulgence on sweet treats and fried short eats also fading away… like the waves lapping at the feet…

Soon I would relax into favourite Yoga asana, the beach is my favourite place to ground into ‘posture’. There is something phenomenal about been able to be connected to the earth, you can almost feel the power you absorbed… perhaps some negative energy discharged. In a small span of 5-10 minute you could come out fully re-charged! I’m not particularly shy in public, I go about doing this, and so far I’ve never had an embarrasing moment… another good thing about the Mount Lavinia beach is that people let you do your own thing.

Playing with his young, German Sheperd, Mount Lavinia beach

People come from all walks of life, all stages of life… and there are all sorts of dogs sharing the beach. You could spot families spending their Sunday morning, relaxed with kids piling up sand, busy constructing castles, Dads held hostage under mounds of (dirty) sand by liliputian kids. Expectant mums walking holding hands with her husband, young couples jogging side by side, boy squads warming up for rugger practices, girl squads presumebly for physical training, swimmers, hobbyist fishing at the far end perched on large rocks… the beach is made of all sort of people… on a Sunday morning.

There are different canines, the dogs on training, dogs taking a bath, playing with their masters and their families… dogs of differenet breed. I shan’t take mine, been a lass on short legs (Dachshund) she’s absolutely terrified of the waves. She would shiver in bouts of fright, jump into out arms and not a hum till we take her back to the vehicel. I disgress.. the most interesting canines at the beach are the resident dogs, lazy ones lie in piles of sand giving looks of disgust, as it if to say ‘haven’t you anything better to do on a Sunday?’ yet some obviously of mix breed can be very cute, entertaining and interesting. I’ve caught one on camera, looking quite shy of our attention on her.

Beach rugger, loads of fun and good excercise


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