Attending the World Peece Sumitt at the PANT


We heard that due to many requests from world leaders, Hon. Pusswedilla was to host the World Peece Sumitt again, at the Pusswedilla Arsikland Nashnel Theatere (PANT) fomelly known as The Lynel Went. He is the popular guy to solve various international problems in his charismatic and sure-footed manner. We were lucky to secure two ticket for the last day of the show running from January 11th -15th. Needless to say the show was a grand success with packed audiences each day. The play, written and directed by Feroze Kamardeen was splendidly done with the use of wit and brilliant political satire which kept all those who came glued to their seats in continuous fits of laughter. We heard that the President, several cabinet ministers and his three sons had also attended the summit on Saturday. Much of it would have been all too familiar, I dare say but it is reported that they too found it very amusing.

Photo from the Pusswedilla press office

The name Puswedilla itself means a fire cracker that refuses to light, contrary to this, H.E. stole the lime light with a brillant performance mimicking the incumbent President. (except for the few occasions where secretary, Cyril Nitharamasuffering’s own superb acting over shadowed his performance) A character shown in the most pathetic light is that of the Opposition Leader of Pusswedillaland who seeks advice from President Chaminda to put down inner party revolts and keep his house in order. In comes the character portraying Sajith Premadasa, who with his youthful eagerness challenges H.E. not only for the seat of the Opposition but for the head of State as well! We soon witness how such absurdities can be nipped off. The thing is the Opposition Leader must stay on in his seat, so that H.E. can remain in power, hence Mr Nikangsinghe winning an election is out of question! You’ve heard it, ‘You scratch my back, and I scratch your’.

I quite enjoyed the role of Mr Western Thinking, the CNN reporter who kept prodding H.E with most pertinent questions. The ensuing dialogue leave the audience in fits of laughter as Hon Chaminda reveals America’s double standards and glaring mistakes. And Mr Western thinking keeps popping adages and phrases that are of most inconvenience to Mr Nitharamasuffering (by now I am convinced that this character must be deeply rooted in JVP). His interpretations of them and the ensuing confusion kept the audiences splitting at their ends. You could after all say something like ‘What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’ (which in fact we checked up later at home – cos we ourselves didn’t know) and the poor secretary is baffled and troubled. The use of a mixture of Sinhala and English makes the performance both interesting but presumably confusing for some who can’t grasp the both languages in the same manner. But then you tend to laugh when the whole world around you laugh!

Hot headed Israeli and Palestine Head of States reach out for H.E.’s advice to resolve their long standing dispute. At times Hon Chaminda looked almost hassled by the numerous calls while his faithful staff seemed to have so little grasp of all that’s going on. As he CNN reporter, Mr Western Thinking quiet rightly points out that not only is secretary Niharamasuffering quite hapless and incompetent, he has acquired himself a dim-witted assistant who’s equipped with even less intelligence.

In another instance highly cynical but humorous complexion is put on governance by President Pusswedilla when he tells that while in politics one must not only be prepared to listen to ‘Baila singing’, but be prepared to ‘sing Baila’ oneself. Astounding, that he makes everybody dance to his tune! The play then introduces Pusswedilla Jr, who is been trained to take over reins from the father. He is eager to promote the game of Cricket and we see the antics of Arsikland and what is possible, if proper reportage does not actually take place. Obviously, what is not seen, not known and not told will not hurt anybody!

Talking about baila a scrawny minister provides an interesting diversion with songs to match the different scenarios. I quite enjoyed the second half because of this inclusion. The play closed on Sunday night but Pusswedilla fans will certainly be clamouring for more. Hats off to the playwright, director, producer and all the actors for their outstanding performance. BRAVO!!

Here’s some new phrases from Puss!


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