Excuses Begone! How to get over life long habits


The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.  No apologies or excuses.  No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.  The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.  This is the day your life really begins.  ~Bob Moawad

It was my lucky day that I found a YouTube link to Dr Wayne Dyer’s   programme Excuses Begone! I am currently listening to alot of excuses and have reached a stage some what similar to – ‘the last straw that breaks the camel’s back’. How do I cope up? I need to pull myself through and not fall into a routine set of excuses. Yes, I realized that I was picking the trend sub-consciously and in part to blame for the situation.

I’m a doer by nature, and not much of a talker. I am a care giver and in giving I derive much of the pleasure in life. But things have not been right and it’s bothering me quite alot – in fact I am loosing sleep on it and now I cannot nail it down to whichit  is that bothers me the most.

I make lists and I cross them out as I progress, I pay bills, bake cakes, learn to cook pastas, clean and paint and anything is possible once they get onto a list. I hate the nagging feeling of things undone, pending tasks, mail unsorted in the inbox tray at work, buttons to be swen on, trash to be taken out. For me everything has to be done.

Excuses are like mis-alignments says Dr Wayne. If we get into the habit of excuses we are displaying our laziness, self defeat, loss of passion.  Careful with making excuses it’s a bad habitthat’s hard to kick off.

One excuse is #1 ‘this is my nature’ it idealizes the fact that our habits are engraved in our DNA, passed down from generation to generation and it points in the direction of No Change.

Would you rather stagnate and let your life deteriorate, because of Excuses?


Would you rather gain control of your life, take responsibility for choices you make and make use of every opportunity to live life to the fullest.

I opt for the later. I watch the trees below my balcony, and I think how abundant nature is. A gift. A joy. It grows free – a thing of beauty, and asks for nothing in return. It sways in the cool breeze. And I think I should look at life in the broader perspective – what can I make out of it – without giving into excuses.

“Do not underestimate the power within you to change. And do not over estimate your power to change others” ~Mark Twain

Yes, this is so true. We alone can make change happen, by changing ourselves, adapting (wisely), sometimes it is required that we surrender to circumstances, understand people and move on with life.

A top excuse among people I know is #2 ‘I cannot afford it’. Don’t let money stand in the way with what you want in life. If you think the opposite ‘I will find the money to take this course’ – because I have a passion for it – you will make it happen. I know because it always works for me like a prayer.

“Whether you can afford to do a thing or not. You are right”
~ Henry Ford

Change how you think, how you perceive things – your outlook. You will see a way around your problem. It’s your mindset that makes yourself available for change, be flexible, ready. Been passionate about life is an optimistic approach  where as a life full of excuses is a pessimist’s outlook.

This is such a strong quote:

“We excuse our sloth under the pretext of difficulty”
~Marcus Fabius Quintilian

I’ve heard it over and over again in my department and yet I manage to let people see that there is always a solution for every worrying problem. Of course the best solution is what we must find – for that we need to keep our mind open.

Excuses may be how we explain a difficult or unfavorable situation. Excuses when we are not willing to accept our own faults. Excuses when we are unwilling to support. Excuses when we are lazy. These are the many forms of Excuses. If you recognise them to be untrue then they will go away. Do not let excuses deteriorate the quality of your life.

How do we work around them?

Don’t ignore.

Face the truth.

Change how you perceive things

Be honest.

Be willing to work hard – work harder if necessary.

A good old excuse is #3 ‘I’m too old for this’ . A lady wants to qualify and geta degree in psychology.But she’s in her 40s and this seems to some how bother her. So when she tells her course director about her concern, the director asks ‘How old will you be next year if you start the course?’ and she answer 45 year. ‘And what will you be if you don’t?’ The same! So how does been old stop you from doing anything. This excuse is false.

Today, make a list of popular excuses and counteract them with positive outlook.

#4 I can’t quit smoking. with I can quite smoking. I know it’s bad for my health. It’s even bad for people around me

#5 This task is too difficult for me. with if I try, list down the steps and run through it a couple of times, I should simply get used to it. Then it will soon be farmiliar and I will relate to it as an easy task. I know of other tasks I considered this hard, which are like a breeze for me now.

#6 This is my destiny. with somethings are meant to happen because their is a reason why I am here. I am always learning in this life, to do better. Circumstances teach me. I gain new experiences.

Like this overcome insurmountable disadvantages and suceed in life. Be triumphant and joyful.

With God any thing is possbile


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