My Best Friend – Snowy


Snowee_021 Snowy turned one year recently, I got him a name tag (long overdue) and here’s a updated pix of the fella.

Snowy is a Golden Retrieve/ Cocker Spaniel cross. I see more of his father’s genes in him than what Cyndi his mother is.

He is playful, loving and genial needing so much exercise and fun than the precious few hours he’s getting. While I am away at work he has to manage his boredom with toys and twigs what ever is left in his arena (which is not much but one or two).

When I am at home he’s very much a part of my daily routine. He stands at the kitchen counter while I cook and licks of the crumbs when my back is turned. TV/ video time is his favourite time of the day – because while I enjoy sports or a movie I pet the dog continuously. He would sometimes moves of to the adjacent seat and come back a while later.

When I am on the PC, Snowy knows there’s no chance of getting my attention – then I see him observing me through a sleep glance (bored! Bored! BORED!) Well I can supply my toes and limbs for him to bite and tease – or my shirt sleeve as at late. Then back to my work and I see Snowy fall asleep.






On rainy days he gets soaked and I often take him in. But I must make sure nothing’s within his reach or else he will chew it till morning. On the funny you could say he is a well read doggy – he’s chewed on academic papers and two novels so far!

While I admire the beauty of this animal (inside out) I wonder how he sees us – someone told me that a dog’s vision is completely black and white. I wonder how he feels when I am gone for long and the kids are taking care of him or when it’s pouring outside and alone, when his plate is empty or water bowl dried up. A dog doesn’t complain but faithfully waits for you in good cheer. Because of this, I try to be the best dog-mum I can be.


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