Gaurding the premises all day long

Gaurding the premises all day long

Years ago this land was a busy factory – a constant churn of machines, chatter of workers and neon lights lit up the premises through the nights.  I remember it by the sounds and the smells!. And decades ago the factory that was in place at that time spun clothe/ material, the dyes would smell alternately according to the days of the week. As a kid I would watch it spill out coloured water into the streams near by – and the smell was pungent (but interesting for our little minds)

Supply chains and markets have changed the landscapes of the business world. It has changed the landscape of my neighbourhood for ever. The noisy factory (which was never a problem for me) was flattened by mighty bulldozers and cranes. I wonder where those 2000+ workers are now (mostly young women, bread winners for their families) Instead I see this old man seated beside his little shed – can you make out his bike and pail? His duty is to safegaurd this plot of land – nothing much that could get stolen apart from some tattered window frames! He spends his retirement for a meager wage perhaps, because he too has to look after someone else.

Land is an asset – but how much is it worth in this barren state? If the factory its work force and processes could not be improved – isn’t it a failure of the system? Who takes care of the workers when they are not workers any more? While people are a resource to the country’s economy – how the does the wealth of the country look after them when there work places are shut down? People trained nothing but to work on machines, specific tasks on a factory line – how do they adapt to new work environments?  I wondered on a quite morning – just seeing this old man for the 100th time – waiting game – he’s seated facing the gates all day!


The waiting game


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