Mothering ways the choices we make


We are losing sight of what Success is. Humanity is working hard to allow individuals to creativity and joyful living rather than simply working to survive. A full life includes laughter, play and love.

If I make 4% less money than my peers but aint plagued by depression and stress; if my children go to sleep, giggling and know the incomparable warmth of a little body melting into mine; in complete trust and dependency I will be deliriously happy.

It is not that career success is unimportant or unnecessary. Far from it. It is simply that it is not the whole picture. To have only a career and barely enough energy to see my child is not a good choice for me.

Women who don’t work have to think hard about how the role they have within the household is going to impact their children’s perception of what it means to be a woman to be a mother. Or else should your children grow up with the maid at home? Who will inspire their young minds and paint vivid pictures in their memories?

I’d like to answer: I hope my being at home will signal to my children that loving them, enjoying them and enjoying myself is more important than an extra 4% of income. I hope it tells them that woman’s role is more important than work. Remember we work to live and not the other way round.

I hope it tells women that we have to strive for real change: for a society that values caring and structures of paid work appreciate the role of motherhood. So that both men and women can support each other in fulfilling parenting duties.

To conclude here is a lovely poem to illustrate our children’s longing for us – Slow Down Mommy by R. Nigh.

They have only got you to fulfill their needs of love and security. Mothering is an investment in our offspring – spend quality time – speak softly and gently – and above all listen to their voices.

It’s your gift to your children. The feelings felt by children during their formative years are etched life-long inside. Your speech become their inner voice.

You will be the candle that sheds lights into their futures…




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