From Whimpy’s Diary: Life is better with a dog


Sometimes no words are needed to say how you feel about someone. The bonding with my mommy is something very special. With her and a few others I share telepathic communication that only animals can claim to have.

When mommy fell ill last week I knew it deep inside, even though I tried to tell her ‘Take a break. Please stay’ she had to put on a brave face and make it to that all-important workshop. By night fall mommy came home tired and just slumped on the couch grumping that every bone in her body was weary and aching. A million tiny darts hitting pinching nerve ends she complained. I licked her forehead and her fever measured 98 degrees!

‘I told you so, but you wouldn’t hear of it. Now look what you’ve gone and done’. Up with it I urged her because both of us were starving. I put my paw in her hand and pleaded for her to get up, with my nose I showed her in the direction of the kitchen. That night she fed me but for herself swallowed a bunch of pills and went to bed. For many days to follow I watched over her, every time the fever came up I filled my tongue with water and sloshed on the burning forehead. With my wet nose checked her vital points. She was so feeble I could push her over with my snout and slip into the warm crater she emptied on the feathered mattress.

When she was much better later in the week she gave me a cool bath to beat the April heat. I was so grateful knowing how much she must care for me to make it priority on the first signs of recovery from the viral flu. Then while she rested in between bouts of fever she did the most wonderful thing.

Good care is the best way to communicate your love for a pet. She gave me a full-body massage that no dog would complain. Reading a book on dogs ‘Whole Health for Happy Dogs’ out of sheer boredom when she could focus on nothing else, she learned of this new technique called ‘raindrops’. So using only the tips of the fingers in tiny pattering strokes across my body she caressed gently until I fell asleep. Deep in my slumber I kept smiling because of the pleasure of the raindrop strokes that mommy made on my side. I was nudged back into this world only when she flopped me to massage the other side. The funny fluffy feeling started all over again tingling every nook and vein into vigour. She continued ‘raindrop’ patter me till I went into deep, deep slumber again. O boy that must have been seventh heaven floating on puffy pillowed clouds, drifting in a mild summer breeze.

Benefits of a massage for a dog is similar to its effects on humans. It increases circulation and boosts energy points. In addition massages can be used for increased bonding between dog owners and pets and building of trust.

Thank you for the warm and gentle touch.


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