A Whimpy Dog’s Diary: A DOGS DAY OUT


Today was a special Sunday. My family decided to dedicate the entire day in my company. I couldn’t be happier than that. It started off with a bowl of milk and our ritualistic walk in the morning. Oh! boy how I like to hit the turf. We must have walked for 5-10 minutes. Then I met Gota the young Pug living down the lane. He didn’t seem very interested in knowing me. Same to you I whispered. Then pushed on to complete the last lap and came to familiar territory beside a slow running canal. Mummy sat on the culvert indulging in thought and I sat beside her and watched the vehicles go pass by.

Back at home from the balcony grills I watched over the two other dogs who I see as my mates. They are Sandy and Spot a German Shepard and a Dalmatian pup. We exchange pleasantries and caught up with the latest news. It seems their freedom is quite limited these days and they have been confined to the back garden of the huge mansion.

On my part I am lucky I have no restrictions. Mummy believes in the freedom of dogs as much as the freedom of any other creature. She tells me I am part of the family and I should fit right where it’s comfortable for me.  I heard her say once “When I see into the eyes of a dog I see a living being, a friend and a soul”. There are not many things we disagree because we seem to have hooked on the right attitude from the very beginning.

In the evening Mummy and Master (the boy) took me on a ride in the car. The shutters were half way down so I could slightly poke my face out. I love to feel the wind under my skin (fur) and watch the landscape swish pass. We reached the playground in Kotte where dogs aren’t actually allowed on the turf. Lately several signboards have been erected informing the public. But dogs are allowed to walk along the road.

I walked alongside my master all the way to the Parliament and back to the place where the car was parked. I was feeling elated, imagine what benefit it must be for my health. Also the fresh air and the vast space gave a refreshing feeling. I sheepishly threw a grateful look of thanks. Mummy gave me some water and patted my head to say ‘you deserve it good boy’. Then while me and the boy sat languishing on the side walk she dashed for a quick jog around the perimeter. I watched the vehicles go past, not knowing how to count that many. I noted families, children by the dozen arriving at the park. Parents unpacking bikes and toys for the children to play. It’s a pity dogs are not allowed inside the park. Sigh! We should have one of our own right? Mummy was back hot on her heels and it was time for us to go.

Pets have wonderful patience as they watch over their owners. They can trust us. We sympathize and empathize with our feelings. It is nice to be appreciated for the great friend you find in us. What you bestow on a dog, you will surely receive back in threefold. This is what I have heard.


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