Whimpy Dog Tales – Counting the blessings


Taking a walk down the main road was a new experience for me last Saturday. I have thus far strolled in the safe vicinity of my neighbourhood and never actually ventured out into the streets. To do the entire route from home to the town and back crossing the railway lines twice, was quite a feat.

Sporting a red harness, a new accessory bestowed on me by Uncle Chucks I was walking side by side with mommy. As momentum picked up I was expected to keep up pace even if it was an up-hill stretch. Hullala, boy! was I not panting? I have never done something rigorous but always managed to carouse in the backyard. I was in the army today marching at the heels of my leader. Many a mangy street-dogs came barking probably out of sheer jealousy of my new harness. They came yapping at me as if we were rogues trespassing into their territories. But mommy held on to the leash tight and carried on unperturbed. The dogs retreated. They were careful not to over-step their owned marked territories. We are just passing by chaps you will soon get used to it I said as we made our way through the busy city center.

Buses were turning in all directions, colour lights blinking motor vehicles to ordered lines, men and women and also children with bags in their hands crisscrossing the lanes in spite of their numbers. Horns honking irritably and urging the lanes to push forward, commuters shouting to bring moving buses to a halt to get in, crazy tuk-tuks swerving with ease to change directions.

We cross the railway line and take a turn down a lane that meets up with familiar grounds through a short-cut path. Soon the noises of the town subside. Children were playing on the road, on and off they would pass a remark such as Look! nice doggy and then mommy would stop for a while and let them pet me. And we moved on to get home before dusk.

I was amazed by the number of dogs that I met along the main streets who had no home or a person to call its own. They were of ragged skin over bony structures, tired, oppressed and sullen faced. They were sunbaked and weathered by many-a-storms, taking cover under whatever nook and corner found. It is then I started to realize how lucky I was. I counted my blessings of having a family, a place I can call my own and all the love bestowed upon me.


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