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Diary of a wimpy doggy


Kody yeah that’s me!

The tale begins one October morning in year 2015. Mummy and Master (the boy) came to see us at the Bellanwila residence. Back then I had my biological parents Cindy my mum and Spinney my dad. I agree their names are a little weird but they are family so let’s not comment on it. When mother gave birth she made sure there was three of everything. There were three males and three females among the puppies and also they differentiated in colour likewise. Three were found to be ginger-brown like dad while the rest were pitch black and had a spread of white stars like mum.

I am the only chap (a boy) who is brown but sported a single white star on the neck that was coming from my mother’s side. She is an English Cocker Spaniel with jet black curly fur and a spread of white flecks running across the back. My dad he’s real cool and friendly. His pleasant temperament which I inherited come from his breed which is actually from the other side of the Atlantic – he is an America Cocker Spaniel.

So that morning I was chosen because I was born a star. My new mummy cooed and I heard her say to the mistress ‘I want that one with the star and I will call him Kodi‘. I gave her one heartbreaking look (see picture). Meanwhile my siblings were nibbling on mummies running shoes. Later I found out they had caused two small holes in her Nikes! Yikes! Such manners you would think. But we were so young and new nothing about shoes and stuff.

As I write this note I am six months past my first year. Which in dog terms is almost the age of adolescence. Life has been pretty good in my new home. But one thing that bugs me after all these months is Mummy leaving home every morning.

It becomes extremely lonely and boring then. It’s kind of sad as us dogs were never meant to be alone. We are pack animals and feel good when belonging to a pack. Once in a while my master (the boy) for whom I was actually bought spends extra time at home. Then we are able to play Frisbee and go for long walks down the lane. I love to run. They say dogs of my breed yearns to run in short bursts.  Which is also the reason why I love to play throw-and-catch. Anybody who spends time with me playing games will receive my adoration. After the game I get to jump into your lap and lick your face which in dog terms translates to a Big Thank You!


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself – Josh Billings